The presentation and distribution of files

Assets are files that can be uploaded to the CMS and can be used in presentation (such as images) or in distribution (such as downloading). Assets are organized into asset groups which set up some basic rules for how assets in the group are treated.

Asset groups#

Asset groups define a few key fields:

  • Name and handle (for query and access via templates)

  • Asset server (where uploaded assets will be located either “Local”, “AWS-S3”, or “AWS-Cloudfront”)

  • Folder path (the physical folder either on the web server or in AWS that assets should be stored in)

  • Image compression (whether images uploaded in the asset group should be compressed by default)

  • Image thumbnails (whether or not to create thumbnails for images uploaded in the asset group)

    • Sub-directory folder path (where to physically store thumbnails relative to the define folder path)

    • Width & Height (The width and/or height of the generated thumbnails)

  • Entries (whether or not entries should be created for assets uploaded in the asset group. This allows for fields and layouts to be applied to assets in the group)

Allowed categories and extensions#

Below is the default way assets are grouped by category, and the extensions that are allowed to be uploaded to the CMS within the category:

  • Access - adp, accdb, mdb, accde, accdt, accdr
  • Audio - 3gp, aac, act, aif, aiff, aifc, alac, amr, au, dct, dss, dvf, flac, gsm, iklax, ivs, m4a, m4p, mmf, mp3, mpc, msv, oga, ogg, opus, ra, tta, vox, wav, wma, wv
  • Compressed - bz2,  tar,  gz,  7z,  s7z,  dmg,  rar,  zip,  tgz,  zipx
  • Excel - xls,  xlsx, xlsm, xltx, xltm
  • Flash - fla, flv, swf, swt, swc
  • HTML - html, htm
  • Illustrator - ai
  • Image - jfif, jp2, jpx, jpg, jpeg, jpe, tiff, tif, png, gif, bmp, webp, ppm, pgm, pnm, pfm, pam, svg
  • Javascript - js
  • JSON - json
  • PDF - pdf
  • Photoshop - psd, psb
  • PHP - php
  • PowerPoint - pps, ppsm, ppsx, ppt, pptm, pptx, potx
  • Text - txt, text
  • Video - avchd, asf, asx, avi, flv, fla, mov, m4v, mng, mpeg, mpg, m1s, mp2v, m2v, m2s, mp4, mkv, qt, flv, mp4, ogg, ogv, rm, wmv, webm
  • Word - doc, docx, dot, docm, dotm
  • XML - xml