Plain Text Field

Short and simple text with no HTML markup


  • Allow line breaks – Should line breaks be allowed?

  • Max length – The maximum number of characters allowed to be entered.


If line breaks are allowed in the field, a textarea html element will be used, otherwise a standard text input will be used.

If a max length is set on the field, when more than the max characters are entered a error will be shown, specifying the max number of characters allowed, and the current character count (new lines are not counted as characters!). The entry will not be update-able until the character count is reduced below the max length.

If the field is set to required and no content has been entered a error will be shown when attempting to update the entry, the entry will not be update-able until content has been entered.

Template Use#

Access your plain text fields via the handle you set for the field and get the content by calling it directly

<div class='description'>

{{ entry.yourPlainTextHandle }}