Enact is a Content Management System (CMS) unlike any you have ever used. The term 'content' is so generic yet so encompassing, content can literally be anything! Enact is built with this in mind, putting you in the driver seat, empowering you to define what content is, how it should be used, and how it is presented, while still providing content creators with an ease of use unsurpassed by any CMS on the market today.

Built for developers & content creators alike#

Enact is focused on one thing and one thing only; the management of content. That means there are no assumptions about your HTML, CSS, or Javascript! Those decisions are up to you and your team, enabling you to do things your way (the obviously right way!). That means you won't find any flashy tools for styling content or designing entire websites with a few clicks.

This doesn't mean content creators are left powerless, its quiet the contrary actually. The content creators may compose content in any way Enact has been configured to do so, but the content is output and styled in only ways configured by the designers and developers.

Why Enact?#

Because you know your client and teams visions and demands best. Whether your building a small hobby site, or a large corporate site, Enact is the glue between your content and your design, acting as the enabler, and not the barrier.

Tech savvy or not, Enact your vision#

Content creators only need to learn to use the UI of Enact (which is super intuitive!) to turn their content visions into a reality.

Designers need only know how to use the Twig templating system by Sensio Labs (which is the bomb!) to design their layouts in HTML and CSS.

Developers are in for a real treat, literally unlimited flexibility without compromises to make your site be and do exactly what you want.

Tech Spec#

Enact is a self hosted PHP application that depends on Apache/Nginx as the web server and MySQL as the database driver. It is built on the Disco PHP Framework, but your don't need to know PHP or Disco to use it. Enact also uses React JS for most of the Javascript components, and Foundation (v5) as the CSS framework.