Who can access and use the CMS

Create users to allow others access to the CMS. Users can be given any number of privileges which alter how they are allowed to interact with Enact. Users are organized into user groups.

User groups#

User groups define a couple things:

  • Name and handle (for querying and template access)

  • Entries (whether or not entries should be created for users in the user group. This allows for fields and layouts to be applied to users in the group)

  • Default permissions (whether users created in this group should have the default permissions set. These can still be overridden during the creation of each user) 


Users define:

  • A user group

  • Display name

  • User name

  • handle

  • email

  • an icon/head shot image

Users can perform actions from their edit page:

  • Change password

  • Manage permanent login tokens

Administrators can perform the above actions on all users as well as:

  • Banning

  • Activation

  • Email a password reset

  • Email an activation link

  • Deletion


There are numerous permissions which allow administrators to define how users can interact with Enact. Users are always either administrators or they are not and then have specific permissions assigned.


  • Create Entry

  • Publish Entry

  • Edit Entry

  • Delete Entry

  • Edit Other Users Entry

  • Delete Other User Entry

  • Order Structure Entries

  • Restrict Access To Sections


  • Create Section

  • Edit Section

  • Delete Section

  • Create Section Layout

  • Edit Section Layout

  • Delete Section Layout


  • Upload Asset

  • Edit Asset

  • Delete Asset

  • Edit Other Users Asset

  • Delete Other Users Asset

  • Create Asset Group

  • Edit Asset Group

  • Delete Asset Group

  • Create Asset Group Layout

  • Edit Asset Group Layout

  • Delete Asset Group Layout

  • Restrict Access To Groups


  • Create Tag

  • Edit Tag

  • Delete Tag

  • Edit Other Users Tag

  • Delete Other Users Tag

  • Create Tag Group

  • Edit Tag Group

  • Delete Tag Group

  • Create Tag Group Layout

  • Edit Tag Group Layout

  • Delete Tag Group Layout

  • Restrict Access To Groups


  • Create or Edit Field

  • Delete Field

  • Create or Edit Field Group

  • Delete Field Group


  • Edit Globals

  • Edit Globals Layout


  • Create Redirect

  • Edit Redirect

  • Delete Redirect


  • Create Route

  • Edit Route

  • Delete Route


  • Manage Plugin

System Update

  • Perform System Update

Bug Report

  • Submit Bug Report