Sections & Layouts

Sections group related entries and control the layout of content

Section Types

  • Category – A taxonomy of entries.

  • Channel – A grouping of related entries.

  • Single – A single entry.

  • Structure – A order-able taxonomy of entries.


Slugs & Templates

Sections control what entry URIs will look like:


And the template file used to ouput the layouts.



Every section defines a layout, or multiple layouts. A layout is a group or groups of fields that define the content in the layout.


Variety with multiple layouts

All sections except singles can define multiple layouts. Multiple layouts allow for variety within a section by allowing the user to decide which layout to use based on the content they are creating.


Logical separation of fields via field groups within layouts

Each layout can have multiple groups of fields to aid in the logical separation of content which aid in keeping distinct parts of the layout and content separate. Users can easily flip between the groups by clicking the group tab, keeping editing and management lazer focused.