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Info on Instagram (Taken from README on the github repository)

Instagram Plugin for Enact CMS

Plugin for Enact CMS.

Allows embedding Instagram posts by providing a custom Instagram field which content authors can paste Instagram urls into.


Create a Instagram field and add it to one of your section layouts, paste in a instagram post url and your good to go.

Embed the widget by calling the field:

{{ entry.yourInstagramField }} {# or #} {{ entry.yourInstagramField.getGramHtml }}

If you want to embed an Instagram post without using a field you can do so by accessing the plugin:

{{ enact.plugin.Instagram.embed('') }}

You can also access properties on the Instagram by using the getGramProperty function:

{{ enact.yourInstagramField.getGramProperty('title') }} {{ enact.yourInstagramField.getGramProperty('author_name') }} {# or #} {% set url = ''; {{ enact.plugin.Instagram.embed(url).getGramProperty('thumbnail_url') }} {{ enact.plugin.Instagram.embed(url).getGramProperty('author_url') }}

See the complete list of properties you have access to here.

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