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Info on SoundCloud (Taken from README on the github repository)

SoundCloud Plugin for Enact CMS

Plugin for Enact CMS.

Allows embedding SoundCloud tracks/playlists(sets)/users by providing a custom SoundCloud field which content authors can paste SoundCloud urls into.


Create a SoundCloud field and add it to one of your section layouts, paste in a soundcloud url and your good to go.

Embed the widget by calling the field:

{{ entry.yourSoundCloudField }} {# or #} {{ entry.yourSoundCloudField.getPlayerHtml }}

If you want to embed a SoundCloud widget without using a field you can do so by accessing the plugin:

{{ enact.plugin.SoundCloud.embed('') }} {# you can also pass in options (detailed below) #} {{ enact.plugin.SoundCloud.embed('', { 'theme_color' : '#222' } ) }}


You can customize the player by changing the options provided by the plugin:

option nametypedescription
visualcheckboxIf true the player is displayed in an integrated format with the song artwork (When this option is used many custom attributes will not be respected ie: custom colors)
colorcolorColor play button and other controls. e.g. "0066CC"
theme_colorcolorColor player background etc.
text_buy_tracktexte.g. “Tweet” and it points to your “buy” link
text_buy_settexte.g. “Tweet” and it points to your "buy" link
text_download_tracktexte.g. “Get it” and it points to your “download” link
buyingcheckboxShow/Hide buy buttons
sharingcheckboxShow/Hide share buttons
downloadcheckboxShow/Hide download buttons
show_bpmcheckboxShow/Hide bpm display in player
show_playcountcheckboxShow/Hide number of track plays
start_tracknumberA number from 0 to the playlist length. preselects a track in a playlist
default_widthnumberA number e.g. 400. Overrides the player’s autoscale useful when embedding in other flash movies
default_heightnumberA number e.g. 500. Overrides the player’s autoscale useful when embedding in other flash movies
fonttextA string e.g. “Arial”. Overrides the default font with system font
enable_apicheckboxEnable the JavaScript API callbacks
single_activecheckboxif set to false the multiple players on the page won’t toggle each other off when playing
show_usercheckboxShow or hide the uploader name useful e.g. in tiny players to save space)

These can be set up with defaults on the fields options page, or individually on each field in use in the layout.

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